What to do
if you are involved in
an auto accident

Accidents happen.  They happen to young and old alike, experienced and inexperienced drivers…morning, noon and night.  No one ‘plans’ to be in an accident, in fact most people believe it will never happen to them.  Ask anyone-one of the first things they will tell you is

“I never thought it would happen to me.’  Though no one plans to be in an accident, you CAN have a plan on what to do IF you are involved in one.   Here are some tips on things to do before and after an accident to help you through the experience…

  • Be sure to have your insurance updated frequently…do you have enough liability insurance to protect you if you or a member of your household is considered ‘at fault’ in a bodily injury or property damage claim?  Be sure to consider the property damage limit of coverage, and compare it to cost of vehicles on the roads today…what if???
  • You THOUGHT you bought ‘full coverage insurance’ but ask your agent if you are fully covered!
  • Always have a current and up to date insurance id card in your car. 
  • Be sure to exchange insurance information with the other parties involved, obtain both their insurance company name and phone number, as well as their insurance agent’s name and phone number, their name, address and phone numbers.
  •  BREATHE, and take your time.
  • Do NOT advise what type of coverage or limits you have with the other party.
  • Stop your vehicle and move it to a position of safety. The law requires you to stop at the accident scene.

  • Carry a disposable camera or have a cell phone that takes photos with you or in your car and be ready to take photos of your car and any other cars involved in the accident, especially license plates!  Try to take photos BEFORE yours or any other vehicles are moved. Be sure to take photos of all 4 sides, including the roads and landmarks in all directions.
  • Have a small notebook and pen readily available to document weather conditions, time of day, and any unique conditions.  Later, use same notebook to document any related phone calls, including who you called, name, phone numbers, date and what was said.
  • Check all parties for injuries and call for medical assistance if needed.
  • Exchange information with the other parties involved in the accident. Names, addresses, telephone numbers, type and ownership of vehicles, insurance information and description of damages are important information to obtain.
  • Try to identify any witnesses. Obtain their names, addresses and telephone numbers.
  • Call the police. The police will advise you if their response to the scene is not necessary.
  • Do not admit fault to anyone as there could be multiple factors contributing to an accident. Give factual details of your recollection of the accident and cooperate with the police in providing answers to their questions.
  • If your vehicle needs to be towed, request that it be removed to a repair shop of your choice.
  • As soon as possible, contact your agent to report the accident.

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