Ways to save money
on your insurance policy

With today’s economy, smart people are looking for ways to save money.  Insurance premiums are a large part of a family or business budget.   While saving money is important, and smart, jeopardizing insurance coverage is not.  Too often people turn to the internet rather than qualified insurance professionals for advice, which is a recipe for trouble should a disaster occur.  Would you attempt to self-diagnose a medical problem on the internet and then proceed to treat the symptoms yourself?  No, you would see your doctor.  For important insurance matters, call your agent-it’s what they are there for and why you are paying them a commission.  There are many ways to improve on insurance coverage while saving money at the same time.  Here are some to consider:

Increase your liability limits and increase your deductibles-often times, the premium savings by purchasing a higher deductible (money you pay out of pocket if you chose to file a claim) will cover the higher limits of liability and still reduce your overall premium.

Ask your agent about discounts and credits you may be eligible for-having more than one policy insured with the same company often qualifies for an ‘account credit’…having a security system in your home or business, save driving record, having good credit, to name a few.

Schedule an appointment with your agent to review your coverage
-often time, with automatic built-in inflation guard percentages, homeowners insurance coverage limits increase beyond what their home replacement value is, creating a situation of being ‘over-insured.’  Y our premium in part is based on the limits of coverage you elect to carry…if your dwelling limit exceeds the value of your home less the land, you may be paying too much!

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